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Introducing Dina

Cloud newsroom built for journalistic creativity

Essential learning: "The Principles of story-centric workflows"
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Story-centric workflows with Dina

Dina is a story-centric newsroom tool that runs in the cloud. It is built based on modern web-based technology and with a story-centric approach. 

Story-centric means equipping your journalist with one tool for all platforms, including planning, creating and publishing stories to a CMS, a rundown, and social media channels.  

With Dina, you bring your staff from digital and linear news together into one unified workflow, with one tool for all.

Dina won the TVBEurope Best of 2021 award in December 2021. See the announcement here

Are you interested in learning more about cloud newsroom and story-centric workflows? The Ebook titled "The principles of story-centric workflows" is now available for FREE download. 


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FREE Ebook download

Dina key features

  • NEW! Dina Mobile app: create, plan, and publish stories from anywhere
  • Access from anywhere from your favourite web browser
  • Plan and pitch your stories internally
  • Collaborate, collect and share story resources
  • Publish your stories to multiple platforms
  • Integrate with graphics solutions, studio automation systems, video production tools and more

Make a move to creative storytelling, story-centric workflows and cloud with Dina.