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We are 7Mountains

Creating storytelling tools that unites all news departments

About us 

7Mountains is a software company that is part of the Norwegian technology group Fonn Group. We are headquartered in Media City Bergen, Norway, with offices in New York and Singapore.

Our company was founded in 2018 by a team of broadcast engineers and software developers in Norway to simplify the journalist newsroom system and unify all storytellers to a common platform. We are the inventors of the cloud newsroom tool Dina. 

Company headquarters
7Mountains AS
Media City Bergen, Lars Hilles gate 30
5008 Bergen, Norway
VAT: 921 430 027

Our Americas and APAC operations
See contact information for our New York and Singapore offices on the Fonn Group website here.

Our majority owner is Rieber & Søn, a family-owned Norwegian investment company with an industrial legacy dating back to 1839. Go to the Rieber & Søn website to learn more about our owners. Learn more about Fonn Group on the website here

Dina resellers and partners
See our resellers and technology partners below.

For our Privacy Policy, please see our policies website here.
For information about Fonn Group Sub processors, End-user licence agreement, Åpenhetsloven (NO), go to the Fonn Group website here.

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Changing how stories are told with Dina

We believe that great storytelling is the key to success as a news publisher.

Broadcasters and media houses are undergoing a huge technology shift. Modern, cost-effective news production solutions are key to survival for traditional news organisations in the race to win viewers and new audiences.

The need for working from anywhere, creating and publishing stories across platforms, and the emergence of AI, IP technology, and cloud computing requires tools built from the ground up on modern web technologies and with the end users in mind. 

We have built Dina, a cloud newsroom and storytelling tool that allows users to plan, create and publish stories in one unified tool, regardless if they work with social media news, news for online, or linear news. With Dina, you embrace transparency and collaboration and allow journalists to spend more time on quality storytelling.



Our resellers and technology partners 


Nordic reseller and technology partner for Mjoll and 7Mountains. Go to the Mediability website for contact information. 

Stem Media

Oceanic reseller and technology partner for Mjoll and 7Mountains. Go to the Stem Media website here for contact information. 


US & Canada reseller for Mjoll and 7Mountains. Go to the website for contact information. 

CIS Group

US & Brazil reseller for Mjoll and 7Mountains. Go to the CIS Group website for contact information. 


US & global reseller for Mjoll and 7Mountains. Go to the Chesa website for contact information. 

Qbics media

Germany, Austria and Swit reseller for Mjoll and 7Mountains. Go to the Qbics media website for contact information. 


US and Middle East reseller for Mjoll and 7Mountains. Go to the Diversified website for contact information. 


Argentina reseller for Mjoll and 7Mountains. Go to the Around website for contact information. 

Harris media

UK and Ireland reseller for Mjoll and 7Mountains. Go to the Harris media website for contact information. 


Reseller for Mjoll and 7Mountains in the Adria region. Go to the Videoclick website for contact information.