7Mountains was founded in 2018 by a team of broadcast engineers and software developers in Norway.

7Mountains is part of Fonn Group and is headquartered in Media City Bergen, Norway. Our majority owner is Rieber & Søn, a family-owned Norwegian investment company with an industrial legacy dating back to 1839.

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Our founders

The founding team comes from a background in the media tech software industry and have been part of inventing and launching innovative workflow solutions for media houses and broadcasters, worldwide.

Our sales and technology partners

Fonn Group Americas

DiNA partner in Americas:

Fonn Group Americas

Stem Media

DiNA sales and implementation partner in Australia, New Zealand and the other Oceanic countries:

Stem Media


DiNA sales and implementation partner in the Nordic countries:


Changing how stories are told with DiNA!

We believe that the key for success as a news publisher lies in a great storytelling

Broadcasters and media houses are undergoing a huge technology shift. The need for multi-platform publishing, the emergence of IP technology, cloud computing and automated workflows means the old systems for content creation and publishing need a re-think. Cost effective news production solutions can be the key to survival for traditional news organisations in the race to win viewers and new audiences.

It’s all about using more efficient tools and harnessing the power of AI and machine learning to simplify complex and time consuming tasks, fight fake news and reach the right audiences.

It’s time to leave the old legacy systems behind, which were never built for modern media workflows, and embrace the future of content creation and publishing.

Collaborate across departments, embrace transparency, use AI technology, move to the cloud, work with integrated platforms, and give journalists and editors a user friendly tool so they can spend more time on quality storytelling.

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