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Cloud newsroom tool Dina

Story planning, creation, collaboration and go-live in one unified tool

Essential learning: "The Principles of story-centric workflows"
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Create your stories in one unified tool

Dina is a story-centric newsroom tool that runs in the cloud. It is built for easy access, creativity and innovation. 

With cloud newsroom tool Dina you bring your digital and linear news staff together into one unified workflow. 

Equip all your story creators with one tool for all story planning, creating and publishing.

Speed up the time-to-air on your linear channels and all your digital channels with a unified storytelling tool.

Access from anywhere

Dina is cloud-native and can be accessed anywhere, from your favourite web browser. With Dina, you can safely unplug your legacy newsroom systems and be free of on-premise installations. 

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Ready to move your newsroom to the field?

Cloud newsroom tool Dina changes how journalists work with a new approach to breaking a news story, collaboration, multi-platform storytelling and story-centric workflows.

Today's journalists and storytellers are mobile and expect to have all tools that they need in the palm of their hands to:

  • Upload media content to stories.
  • Create stories, edit, take photos and videos and publish from anywhere.
  • Plan stories for linear/live news, posting to LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, web CMS system, and other destinations. 
  • Monitor news rundowns to see what is on air, the news schedule with a countdown of when your story goes on air  
See a preview of Dina Mobile

We will show a preview of the new Dina Mobile app at the upcoming NAB Show in Las Vegas on April 25-27. Book a demo at NAB here

Dina Mobile allows journalists to create and publish stories in the field, with a live link into the newsroom to track schedules and control when a story goes live. Other future features of the app will be uploading media content to stories, writing, editing, taking photos and videos, and publishing. 

Users who usually use the Dina web browser interface will find the app interface familiar and easy to use. Journalists and storytellers can swap between the web interface and the app for their story creation, planning and publishing to linear/live shows, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, web CMS systems, and other destinations.

Do you want to learn more about cloud newsroom and story-centric workflows? The Ebook, "The principles of story-centric workflows", is now available for FREE download. 

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FREE Ebook download

Plan & Pitch your stories

Dina has an integrated planning module for stories, where the journalists have complete control over what stories are planned for publishing, where they will get published, and when. With Dina, journalists can create story suggestions and pitch these in an internal story marketplace, allowing the editorial staff to work more efficiently and transparently.

Collaborate & Collect Resources

Dina is built for story collaboration, transparency and for sharing of resources. When creating a story in Dina, the journalist can add collaborators to the story, collect resources from connected news service feeds, add suggested videos and images, and more, all within one user interface.


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Use innovative AI tools for related videos and content

Dina integrates with cloud media management and video production system Mimir by Mjoll. With access to Mimir from Dina, journalists can search their media archives for images and videos and add them to their stories.

Mimir has a range of integrated AI technologies for automatic metadata logging, object detection, speech-to-text transcription, translations, etc. This allows the journalist working in Dina to search for spoken words in a video clip, for example, before adding the relevant clip to a story.

Publish your stories to multiple platforms

Dina is a true story-centric solution built for planning, creating and publishing stories for multiple platforms from within one user interface. With Dina, you can create versions of your stories for various social media platforms, post to websites (CMS), or rundowns for linear production, all from an easy-to-use interface.

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Auto-create story versions for social media

Coming up in Dina is a feature for automatically suggesting story versions fitted for social media platforms, such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc. The journalist can, of course, edit any of the AI-generated suggestions before publishing, being in complete control of all editorial content. Sign up for our newsletter (see the end of this page) for our new features announcements. 

Integrate with your favourite tools, feeds & services

Dina integrates with graphics systems, MAM systems, automation systems, booking and resource systems, etc. DiNA can easily be integrated with APIs for publishing to Content Management Systems (CMS), LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms. A journalist can tailor a story instance to a specific platform with these integrations.


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Key benefits of Dina

Access from anywhere
Create your stories in one unified tool
Plan & Pitch your stories
Collaborate & Collect Resources
Use smart AI tools for related videos and content
Publish your stories to multiple platforms
Auto create story versions for social media
Integrate with your favourite tools, feeds & services

Ready to make a move to the cloud? 

With Dina, you equip your newsroom, web desks and social media teams with a unified platform for: 

- Storytelling on all platforms
- Planning, editing and publishing from within one unified tool
- Awesome integrations for finding related media files
- Integrations with MAM systems, automation systems and much more


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