Are your journalists drowning in tools to create and publish their stories?

Are you struggling to publish your stories across multiple platforms?

It's time to unplug your legacy newsroom system!

DiNA is a storytelling tool for journalists and editors that is built with modern, web based technology and with the end-user in mind.

With DiNA you give your storytellers a tool where they can collaborate and work in a transparent environment. Your journalists can plan, share and publish over multiple platforms; all within one beautiful user interface.

DiNA integrates with news feed providers, with MAM systems, with graphics systems, with your automation system, and more.

With DiNA you can

Key Functionality

Plan & Pitch your stories

Create your stories in one unified tool

Collaborate & Collect Resources
Use smart AI tools for related videos and content
Auto create story versions for social media
Integrate with your favourite tools, feeds & services
Follow your story mentions & comments
Publish your stories to multiple platforms

Change how stories are told with DiNA!

Broadcasters and media houses are undergoing a huge technology shift. The need for multi-platform publishing, the emergence of IP technology, cloud computing and automated workflows means the old systems for content creation and publishing need a re-think. Cost effective news production solutions can be the key to survival for traditional news organisations in the race to win viewers and new audiences.

It’s all about using more efficient tools and harnessing the power of AI and machine learning to simplify complex and time consuming tasks, fight fake news and reach the right audiences.

It’s time to leave the old legacy systems behind, which were never built for modern media workflows, and embrace the future of content creation and publishing.

We believe that the key for success as a news publisher lies in a great storytelling tool.

Collaborate across departments, embrace transparency, use AI technology, move to the cloud, work with integrated platforms, and give journalists and editors a user friendly tool so they can spend more time on quality storytelling.


Are you ready to make the move?

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