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  • August 18, 2021
  • 1 min read

DiNA makes its debut at the NAB Show 2022

7Mountains, the creators of cloud newsroom solution DiNA, will exhibit at the NAB Show 2022.

DiNA was announced in the market in 2019 and the first customer went live with the cloud newsroom solution in early 2020. In 2020 DiNA was awarded the NAB Show Product of the Year and we look forward to meet the industry again and show you our latest developments at the next NAB Show. 

Customers worldwide are transitioning from legacy newsroom systems to DiNA for:

  • a true multi-platform workflow
  • bringing editorial teams from linear, web, social media, magazines etc together for unified storytelling workflow
  • moving to cloud, to lightweight and user friendly tools & workflows
  • transitioning from legacy NRCS to native cloud newsroom tool

Learn more about Dina here.

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